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Qantas flight to Melbourne grounded in Hong Kong after 'safety issues'

almost 6 years ago

Man dies after swine flu infection in Hong Kong #h1n1

over 6 years ago

Japanese in Hong Kong have been warned to be alert to their safety amid anger over Tokyo's continued detention of the captain of a ship

almost 7 years ago

tropical cyclone Chanthu heading towards Hong Kong

almost 7 years ago

Recommended vaccinations for Hong Kong

  • Diphtheria

    Diphtheria is a serious throat infection, which infects from person-to-person through the air. The vaccination should be less than 10 years old otherwise a booster is needed.

    Hepatitis A (infectious hepatitis)

    Infectious hepatitis infects through contaminated food and water. Vaccination consists of two injections about 12 months apart, which protects for up to 25 years. The first vaccination protects for 12 months.  The hepatitis A vaccine can be combined with the vaccine against hepatitis B .


    Tetanus is a complication to wounds contaminated by soil. If there has been a vaccination within the past 10 years it is not necessary to give a booster in case of wounds and accidents. Tetanus vaccinations are usually given in combination with diphtheria vaccine. If you are previously vaccinated, the vaccine can be given right up to departure.

    Yellow fever - transit

    Certain countries without yellow fever require a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate if you arrives (even in transit) from a country where yellow fever is present.   If you arrive from a country without yellow fever , there is no requirement for a yellow fever vaccination.

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Is it safe in hong kong?

The usual pickpocketing in crowded public places and on public transport, but there's very little violent crime in Hong Kong. The Wanchi bar district can get... read more »
almost 6 years ago

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